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Salon Sora’s New Year Styles for 2017

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make up salon boca ratonWith the new year gaining quickly upon us, many people are scrambling to get their last-minute cuts and colors in to look fabulous before the dropping of the ball. In this week’s blog, we uncover some party styles for you to consider before booking your appointment with the best salon in Boca Raton. Three, two, one!

The Big Bushy Braid | Beachy Lobs  |  Spectacular Colors  |  The Chanel Platinum Manicure  |  Dark Lips & Cat Eyes

You can turn just about any magazine page today and find the big bushy braid as one super smoking hot style for this year’s newest hair styles. One thing you’ll notice is the many different styles of how to wear the big bushy braid. Of course, these hairstyles would work more for those with long hair. However, if you’ve got medium hair, that’s long enough you can add a few extensions made of human hair to enhance your look. Nonetheless, this is a romantic and alluring way to wear your hair that’s just right for the 2017 New Year.

Next, it’s off to chat about the beach lob. Rather than a Bob, that is tapered and cut and can coiffe them to just about any length; this is a cut that derives from longer styles and is lobbed off at the shoulders or nape with longer strands toward your face. What makes it beachy is the way you style it afterward. Soft waves work better with hair that is not freshly shampooed. If you haven’t used a dry shampoo, you might want to try one using this hair technique.

Today’s hair colors are more wild and vivid than they were let’s say ten years ago. Pinks, purples and now the neon dyes enhance your natural hair color and bring it to new heights. Silver or Platinum is an ultra-chic tint that brings a bit of mystery to any age. Ask your stylist to hook you up with just the right color for your skin tones.

The Chanel nail colors and manicures are dramatic and look stunning for both day and evening wear. Think metallic mixed with black, silver, and gray. We love the way these colors ‘POP’ when dressed in a little black dress or your office wardrobe.

Lastly, let’s talk about your makeup. This year the lip is dark and matte. Drop the lipgloss and pile on the lipliner in shades of deep cherry, burgundy, and plum. When you live in South Florida and sport a year-round tan, these shades of lipstick are complimentary. After you pile on the dark lips, use a cat-eye liner to top it off. You can find many ways to make the perfect cat eyes on places like YouTube and Pinterest.

With all these Salon Sora tips for your to consider and try out, you’ll be bringing in the New Year with a Big Bang!

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Salon Sora’s Holiday Updos Lineup for 2016

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Whether you’re looking for a quick way to go from the office to the office party or the perfect style to wear to your family gatherings, the updo is one hair creation that never gets old. This year the trends seem to be soft and alluring braids, buns and bows and we’ve got the updo with Salon Sora spirt! Get ready to get your ends curled with this week’s blog!

Boca Raton Hair BraidingBows, barrettes, and bling! Bows in your hair can be both romantic and youthful. This year we see a lot of ponytails wrapped in big bows to dress up any black gown or pantsuit. If you’re looking to use barrettes, use hair jewelry with lots of gemstones and silver or gold to show off your sparkle. It appears that these techniques are capping off the style whether that be a ponytail or messy bun, these accouterments can add something unique to any cut.

Braids, braids, and more braids are sweeping the runways and magazine layouts. Try on a fishtail braid that’s loose with lots of sultry sprigs of hair flowing along your face. You can add twists to shorter cuts like bobs and lobs by adding a few hair extensions to your natural cut. Be sure to buy extensions made from human hair and match to your current hair color.

Speaking of color, neon dyes is grabbing attention both under the fluorescent lights. Be prepared to have everyone asking you where you got your hair done! Fiery reds, Electric Blues, and purples are what everyone is raving about for 2016 and most likely will carry past the New Year. Imagine how crazy beautiful your French twist will be once you add some of these ultra-funky and fresh colors that glow in the black lights.

Next, decide with your bun if you’re going to go low with a flow or up high on top of your head. Incorporate braids with buns and you’ve got a whole lot more fun. One theme is definitive across the board with any of these styles, and that’s fine flowing curls and waves. Be sure to make it the hair look fluid.

Bangs are always a nice way to change up any cut. With a chunky short bang that frames the face, you’re updo takes on a whole new design. Keep some sprigs pulled around the face to show off your eyes. Wispy pieces of hair also avoid the tightly coiffed locks from last year.

With a little ingenuity and imagination, you’re be turning your holiday glam into Salon Sora Glamour! Stay charming!

Reminder: Book your holiday appointments early

Five Past Celebrity Styles that are Hot Today

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Five Past Celebrity Styles that are as Hot As Boca Raton

When you think of timeless allure of women like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis and Lana Turner you think of classic hairstyles.  Many of those elegant looks are still popular today. Whether you want a new look or your refreshing the one, you already have. We’ve put a few of our favorite looks in this post for you to try. 

Pin curls:  Section your head into several pieces. Then roll your hair from the ends, and then take two bobby pins and crisscross into place. Alternate the sections by pinning forward or pinning backward.  Let the hair air dry.  Once the hair is dry remove the pins, you can brush or just use your fingers and put the curls into place.  Spray the hair with a lightweight hairspray. You are now ready to turn a few heads.

Bangs:  Betty Page rocked her style with a big chunky bang that framed her face and gave her an exotic look.  Bangs are still the craze today.  Whether you do a side bang, a fringe bang or a full thick bang, you’ll have a beautiful new doo.  Bangs are often a way to refresh a stagnated look.  Not all bangs are right for all people so be sure to ask your stylist what the best style would be for your face and hair type.

Marlin Monroe hair

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Classic Waves: Build body and give that in gorgeous Vogue hairdressing with classic waves.  You can achieve this look by using a large barreled curling iron then pinning the hot curls loosely to the head.  Let the hair cool after lightly spraying with your favorite product. Take the pins out and then use a comb to put the hair into place.  Dreamy scrumptious and ultra-classic.

Side Swept: Whether you curl your hair or wear it naturally the side sweep is elegant and makes a statement.  To get this look, Brush all the hair over the left shoulder. Slide a hair pin into the hair angled upwards toward the ear. Take a section of hair in front of the left ear and twist it towards the back. Pin it in place so it hides the first hairpin.

Braided buns: The braid is a fabulous and sexy way to way your locks.  Try pulling your hair on the top of your head and use a hair tie to keep it together.  Braid your ponytail and wrap around in a circle.  Secure with bobby pins and a little bit of spray.  This style is terrific to wear to your office or out on the town.

These vintage looks continue to perform for centuries.  We can thank many of our celebs from the past to present for keeping these coiffures at the forefront of classic and gorgeous style.

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