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Reasons Why Your Hair is Having a Bad Day

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keratin treatments boca ratonThere are many factors our hair has a bad day from time to time. Where you live, what you eat and your lifestyle can all play a part of your hair getting out of control. We’ve all been there no matter what the cut, style, straight, curly, color or natural aspects are of our beautiful locks. Everyone is entitled to a bad hair day. If you’re finding yourself weeping or whining in front of your mirror, then you’ll want to let Salon Sora come to your rescue. Before wearing a ponytail or tucking under a baseball cap, read this blog.

Check your diet for a reason why your hair is reacting in an awkward manner. Many people don’t realize things like alcohol, too much greasy food or even gluten can play a huge part of how your hair may react. From the follicles to the ends your hair need to have the proper nutrients and care to be healthy, grow properly and look gorgeous 24/7. Medication is also another problem that can cause your hair to be out of control. If you’ve ever been pregnant before, and took pre-natal pills, you might recall how well your hair and nails grew. Ask your doctor or physician if your current diet or meds are causing you to have a lack of the proper nutrients.

Another reason for bad hair days is the weather. If you live in a place like South Florida, you are already used to this as a part of normal and daily living. Solutions could be cutting your hair into a shorter more manageable style to wearing it in a different way. The bun, the pony and the braid can be your best buddy if your hair is longer. Bobby pins and other hair accoutrements will make life easier if you’re in a hurry.

Your shampoo may be wrong for you. Certain shampoos and conditioners can make life unbearable if they’re not right for the texture of your hair. Cheap shampoos can contain a lot of bad chemicals and products like alcohol which can be drying. You don’t necessarily need suds to be clean and shampoos containing sulfates can seem like the hair isn’t getting clean when on the contrary it is.

One last point to make is you hair may be in desperate need of a new hair cut. While the hair grows, it can also change in texture, and the way it lays on the head. Let your stylist know if there have been any significant changes.

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Let Me Be Blunt, Blonde, and Bob with You in January 2017

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blondIt seems that almost any of the hair stylists we’ve spoken with are all leaning toward three dazzling looks for January 2017. Blunt, Blonde, and Bobbed hair is sweeping fashion magazines globally, and while these are not for everyone, they can certainly freshen up your New Year with a whole new way to be daring. Here are the reasons why.

Let’s talk about blunt bangs and cuts. If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment such as taking your long locks and going rogue with a pixie cut, then we’ve got just the solution. Try out a Salon Sora Blunt Bang or Blunt cut that allows you to have a slightly different look but allows you to keep some length which is a much easier transition than going from long to short. A word of caution for blunt bangs. These will grow out, but not everyone likes them. Consult with your stylist for the best solution and ask for their honest opinion. Our hair salon stylists in Boca Raton, FL, want you to be happy long after you leave the salon so they can assist you in finding just the right cut, color, etc., that you can manage and maintain.

Now that we’ve covered the bluntness let’s talk about the blondness. Today’s blonde isn’t just about bleached hair. There are several different shades of blonde from golden blondes to platinum and every hue or tone in between. While not everyone can pull off a blonde color, most can with the right shades and highlights. Let your new year be met with stunning highlights that frame the face. Or you can pop some champagne while discussing your decision to go silver and purple. Don’t be afraid of becoming a blonde bombshell; we hear its quite fun and a super alluring color for one seven!

What about Bob? Not the movie, the hair style!! Bobs are never out, there are just a few modifications to wearing them. The lob is seemingly phasing out with more of an even cut all away around. No longer layers draping down the front with a shorter back. The year 2017 is bringing in more balance with the styles that are seen on the runway and in magazines such as Elle.

No matter what the look is you’re trying to achieve, our stylists at our hair salon in Boca Raton, FL, are here to help. We’ve got just the right shade, cut, and design that you’ll love all year round.

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Holiday Nails by Salon Sora for 2016

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This year if you’re looking to be sexy from your head down to your toes, our nail salon in Boca Raton, can help you put your finger on just the right seasonal polish and nail art that will help you go from super to super-sexy in 2.5 minutes! Let’s point to the obvious, shall we?Nail salon boca raton fl

First, let’s say clean and healthy nails are in style no matter what season it is. A French or American manicure never seems to be old-school. However, add something chic to your white tips like glitter or gold to accent the already super-girl handle.

Gold foil designs over shades of green and red can tip things off when it comes to nail art. Ask your manicurist what his/her favorite design is this year, and we’re sure they’ll give you a dynamite and decorative pattern that will keep your hands from being hidden inside your pocket.

Geometric patterns are not only contemporary, but they’re also very popular throughout the fashion magazines. Bring in the look if you find something you admire and we’ll see if we can’t copy it. Be sure to browse through Pinterest to get a different perspective.

When you live in a place such as Southern Florida, you’ll find it’s not appropriate table manners to have dirty, dingy nails. Try a new shade of blue or a pearly pink to brighten up your fingertips even when you’re not sporting a tan.

If you’re into cute, think about adding a few snowflakes or some contemporary lace designs. This type of nail art is perfect for both child and adult and are ideal for the 2016 to 2017 holidays.

Black and Gold is a hot commodity for classic nail techniques. We’ve seen a lot of faded techniques as well. More nail technicians are focusing on the half-moons and decorating the nail beds from the cuticle up to the tip. Although this is opposite of what is typically requested, it’s a unique way of showing off those sexy nails.

Trying something new is half the fun. Be sure to look for a design or technique that will match your holiday gowns or outfit. Our nail salon manicurists in Boca Raton,  will be happy to suggest the look that right for the dress or wardrobe. The best part is when you hear the compliments on how pretty your hands are for this year’s big celebrations.

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Sexy, Silver Hair for the Mysterious Women of Salon Sora

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Wedding-Up-do“Let the Rain Kiss You. Let the Rain Beat Upon Your Head with Silver Liquid Drops. Let the Rain Sing You a Lullaby”. Langston Hughes

Gray hair used to be for only the elderly. Unlike the mindset from yesteryear, Salon Sora has found that using silver and black together can create some of the most alluring tones that look fantastic on just about any skin tone. Silver is the new black and lets me tell you; it’s stunning when paired with blues, pinks, and even purples. Here’s the breakdown on how you can picture yourself with stunning and sexy silver hair.

First, let’s talk about the lightest silver. These super bright shades blend well with dark roots but are an excellent choice for women with blonde to platinum hair. If you’ve got hazel eyes, this is a ‘must try’ since the gray is ultra-chic and will make your eyes pop, no matter what color they decide they are.

For the ladies with the short and sassy cuts try a dark brown or black charcoal with silver highlights to spring into action. This style isn’t for the weak at heart, but, for those brave enough to sport it. It’s all in the way your feel.

For the fashionista’s out there, we love to see this look mixed with a rainbow of color options. Greens, turquoise, and even purple is a stunning look that matches every stitch of your wardrobe. Ask your stylist for pictures and examples to get an idea of how this color combination screams for your head!

If you remember, Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte had this super-hot look while in Brazil. While we won’t get into Lochte’s misbehavior, we will tell you that men make this color look debonair and distinguished. Celebrities and superstars are making this color a remarkable choice for anyone wanting to walk on the edge.

They may call it “granny hair” but what it truly is, is special. Color with shine takes the platinum blonde to a whole new level with the many different varieties to wear this color. It depends on you and whether you want to lean more toward light and white or dark and bluesy. The other part of having gray hair is that it looks fab on short or long. It’s your doo!

Want to get extra spunky? Mix in lilac, cherry and blue for a unique blend. This creation is magnificent and oh-so-classy.

Whether you go with a light or dark version of this stunning color, you’ll be more than the life of the party; you’ll be unforgettable.

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Salon Sora’s Secret to a Successful Brazilian Blowout

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If you live in a place like Boca Raton or anywhere in South Florida for that matter, many of you have heard of the term “Brazilian Blow Out”. This type of hair treatment will give someone who has a curly or frizzy texture to your hair and make it appear naturally straight and ultra-healthy. That being said, there are a few things you should know in order for you to have a success when getting this technique done. In this blog we uncover the Salon Sora way to achieving the soft, flowing and pin straight hair you’ve always dreamt of.

People who make good candidates for Brazilian Blowouts would be people who have damaged, frizzy, over-processed and coarse or curly hair.

You can use this treatment even if you’ve had color or highlights added to the hair. In fact, many times this type of hair treatment will restore the hair health and make it more manageable.

People with extreme curls, the hair won’t be straight. I repeat, the hair won’t be straight! It will however make your curly locks more manageable because of the amino acids that become fortifying and nourishing to the hair.

If you are using a relaxer, then the hair will need to be neutralized to complete the treatment. This treatment is a great alternative to those wanting to get away from relaxers.

Volume is another issue many people ask about. Supposedly it’s because they are concerned with going from frizz to fabulous hair thinking that it will flatten their look. Whatever your hairs natural volume is will be maintained after the treatment is applied.

Coloring the hair is safe to use after you’ve indulged in one of these treatments. So no issue with this. However, it’s recommended to wait up to two weeks before applying color. In this case speaking to your colorist or stylist will certainly help.

Anytime you’re using products such as chemicals, it’s best to work with a professional to ensure the safety of your hair and achieving the optimum results you’re looking for.

Don’t get disappointed by DIY treatments claiming to do the same. A professional should be the only person who understands the process and its effects is the only true way that you can get that beautiful strong and straight hair.

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Five Past Celebrity Styles that are Hot Today

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Five Past Celebrity Styles that are as Hot As Boca Raton

When you think of timeless allure of women like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis and Lana Turner you think of classic hairstyles.  Many of those elegant looks are still popular today. Whether you want a new look or your refreshing the one, you already have. We’ve put a few of our favorite looks in this post for you to try. 

Pin curls:  Section your head into several pieces. Then roll your hair from the ends, and then take two bobby pins and crisscross into place. Alternate the sections by pinning forward or pinning backward.  Let the hair air dry.  Once the hair is dry remove the pins, you can brush or just use your fingers and put the curls into place.  Spray the hair with a lightweight hairspray. You are now ready to turn a few heads.

Bangs:  Betty Page rocked her style with a big chunky bang that framed her face and gave her an exotic look.  Bangs are still the craze today.  Whether you do a side bang, a fringe bang or a full thick bang, you’ll have a beautiful new doo.  Bangs are often a way to refresh a stagnated look.  Not all bangs are right for all people so be sure to ask your stylist what the best style would be for your face and hair type.

Marlin Monroe hair

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Classic Waves: Build body and give that in gorgeous Vogue hairdressing with classic waves.  You can achieve this look by using a large barreled curling iron then pinning the hot curls loosely to the head.  Let the hair cool after lightly spraying with your favorite product. Take the pins out and then use a comb to put the hair into place.  Dreamy scrumptious and ultra-classic.

Side Swept: Whether you curl your hair or wear it naturally the side sweep is elegant and makes a statement.  To get this look, Brush all the hair over the left shoulder. Slide a hair pin into the hair angled upwards toward the ear. Take a section of hair in front of the left ear and twist it towards the back. Pin it in place so it hides the first hairpin.

Braided buns: The braid is a fabulous and sexy way to way your locks.  Try pulling your hair on the top of your head and use a hair tie to keep it together.  Braid your ponytail and wrap around in a circle.  Secure with bobby pins and a little bit of spray.  This style is terrific to wear to your office or out on the town.

These vintage looks continue to perform for centuries.  We can thank many of our celebs from the past to present for keeping these coiffures at the forefront of classic and gorgeous style.

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