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11 Spring/Summer Hair Trends Perfect for South Florida

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As the seasons change, new trends start to role in, especially in the beauty sphere. As one of the top hair salons in Boca Raton, FL, we stay on the forefront of what’s trending each season. We’re excited to announce that this spring/summer brings several sizzling styles that we are loving for our fashion-forward Boca Raton clients.  Here are just a few pictures of the colors and styles we created for our discriminating clients by the staff at Salon Sora….

2017 Hair Trends for Boca Raton, FL


Hair Color Trends

Balayage- This modern day highlighting technique is achieved by hand-painting hair for a dimensional custom color. This color trend has been around for a few seasons and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Hair coloring is one of the most popular services that we perform at Salon Sora, one of the top hair salons in Boca Raton FL, and we have noticed that many of our clients are opting for cool blonde and honey colored balayage.

Color Melt– This coloring technique seamlessly blends three or more similar colors. It can start from light to dark or dark to light, but a deeper root with lighter ends is the most popular version that we see. This low maintenance look looks best on medium to long hair and looks stunning with vivid colors.


Vivid Colors- For those who like to walk on the wild side, there is no better time to release your inner unicorn with an alternative hair color. If you are bold, consider the holographic hair trend (yes, it’s a thing!) or if you prefer something more muted, try rose gold or pink strands. We offer both permanent and temporary color options, so you can keep your unicorn mane for as little or as long as you’d like.

Hair Cut Trends

Pixie Cut- If you are ready for a look that is easy and breezy for spring/summer, consider a pixie cut. This short haircut is manageable and looks chic on platinum blonde locks.

The Chop- Frist came the lob and then there is the chop. This cut is slightly longer than a lob with lots of textured layers. It’s the perfect length for South Florida because it’s long enough to put up in a pony on hot summer days.

Long Layers- For women who prefer long locks and want a subtle change, consider adding some long layers. This will give your hair texture and looks great on all hair textures.

Bangs- If you are ready for a fresh new look for the season, but don’t want to commit to a major chop, consider some bangs. From blunt bangs to long fringe bangs, adding bangs is an easy way to change things up.

Picture4Hairstyle Trends

Blow out– Who doesn’t love a good blow out? Smooth strands with rounded ends is a classic look for spring and summer.

Pin Straight Hair- Super straight hair is back in a style! When straightening your hair at home, always use a smoothing serum that protects your hair from heat damage. Phytodefrisant by Phyto of Paris and Flat Out by Goldwell are two excellent products to help you achieve the ultimate sleek look you are seeking.

Braids- A braided hairstyle is a spring/summer staple and it’s the perfect way to stay cool as the temperature starts to rise in South Florida.

Hair Accessories- It’s all about releasing your inner flower child as ribbons and flower crowns dominate the hair accessory game this spring/summer. To embrace this boho trend, try weaving a piece of lace into your braid or tie a piece of ribbon around your pony tail. Of course, if you are headed to a music festival (think Sunfest), a flower crown is always a good choice.

Are you looking for more hairspiration for spring/summer 2017? Check out our Instagram to see what hair styles are currently trending at Salon Sora! Ready to make a change now? Call us at (561) 338-7597 to schedule your appointment at Salon Sora, one of the top hair salons in Boca Raton FL.



Let Me Be Blunt, Blonde, and Bob with You in January 2017

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blondIt seems that almost any of the hair stylists we’ve spoken with are all leaning toward three dazzling looks for January 2017. Blunt, Blonde, and Bobbed hair is sweeping fashion magazines globally, and while these are not for everyone, they can certainly freshen up your New Year with a whole new way to be daring. Here are the reasons why.

Let’s talk about blunt bangs and cuts. If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment such as taking your long locks and going rogue with a pixie cut, then we’ve got just the solution. Try out a Salon Sora Blunt Bang or Blunt cut that allows you to have a slightly different look but allows you to keep some length which is a much easier transition than going from long to short. A word of caution for blunt bangs. These will grow out, but not everyone likes them. Consult with your stylist for the best solution and ask for their honest opinion. Our hair salon stylists in Boca Raton, FL, want you to be happy long after you leave the salon so they can assist you in finding just the right cut, color, etc., that you can manage and maintain.

Now that we’ve covered the bluntness let’s talk about the blondness. Today’s blonde isn’t just about bleached hair. There are several different shades of blonde from golden blondes to platinum and every hue or tone in between. While not everyone can pull off a blonde color, most can with the right shades and highlights. Let your new year be met with stunning highlights that frame the face. Or you can pop some champagne while discussing your decision to go silver and purple. Don’t be afraid of becoming a blonde bombshell; we hear its quite fun and a super alluring color for one seven!

What about Bob? Not the movie, the hair style!! Bobs are never out, there are just a few modifications to wearing them. The lob is seemingly phasing out with more of an even cut all away around. No longer layers draping down the front with a shorter back. The year 2017 is bringing in more balance with the styles that are seen on the runway and in magazines such as Elle.

No matter what the look is you’re trying to achieve, our stylists at our hair salon in Boca Raton, FL, are here to help. We’ve got just the right shade, cut, and design that you’ll love all year round.

Give us a call to book your next appointment. Salon Sora hugs for you!

Salon Sora Sombre Style for 2017

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flocolordone copy26Many of you have already heard of the term “Ombre” which is a transitional color trend, which swept the nation for 2016. For the New Year, you’ll hear the word “Sombre” which is taking the place of the big panels of lighter or darker colors for a more subtle and softer look. Salon Sora has just the right shade for you to keep you looking stunning even during the winter months of Southern Florida. Let’s take a closer look.

When you live in a place like Boca Raton you can expect two things. One, your tan may be faded since you might not be spending too much time in the sun and Two, you’re still supposed to look your best no matter what the season may be. To keep your face looking bright and cheerful, highlights are a sure-fire method to achieve this effect. With the Salon Sora Sombre approach, you’ll still have darker roots with highlighted ends that use a soft blend of both high and low lights. This effect gives a subtle transition between the colors and looks more natural.

The trick to the perfect transition is not to make it seem like the hair has been color treated at all. This hair style creates the illusion the hair has been gently kissed by the sun which makes it perfect for this time of year.

The best part about going Sombre is you can stick with any shade or tone that you’d like and still create the effect by using lighter shades. For instance, let’s say you’re a spicy ginger, with a lot of nutmeg and cinnamon tones. The colors we would use to highlight your hair would be soft golden blondes with strawberry to make the flat tones of the darker reds pop with a slight highlight.

With Sombre colors we don’t pull the hair through a cap or weave it in. This technique is typically done by painting the product directly onto the hair without using foils and such. Although each stylist has their way of achieving the same outcome, this is one of the most common.

With a little hair ingenuity, we can make your hair go from the darker shades of mmmm, boring to a bombshell that creates as a stunning statement to carry you all the way to spring time. Don’t forget to bring in photos of the shade you’re looking for and share them with your stylist. We love pictures and examples, and this will help us to pick the look that will complement the rest of your features such as skin tones and eye color. Until then, Hugs from all of us at Salon Sora!

Book your appointment today, and start looking like a rock star tomorrow!

Sexy, Silver Hair for the Mysterious Women of Salon Sora

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Wedding-Up-do“Let the Rain Kiss You. Let the Rain Beat Upon Your Head with Silver Liquid Drops. Let the Rain Sing You a Lullaby”. Langston Hughes

Gray hair used to be for only the elderly. Unlike the mindset from yesteryear, Salon Sora has found that using silver and black together can create some of the most alluring tones that look fantastic on just about any skin tone. Silver is the new black and lets me tell you; it’s stunning when paired with blues, pinks, and even purples. Here’s the breakdown on how you can picture yourself with stunning and sexy silver hair.

First, let’s talk about the lightest silver. These super bright shades blend well with dark roots but are an excellent choice for women with blonde to platinum hair. If you’ve got hazel eyes, this is a ‘must try’ since the gray is ultra-chic and will make your eyes pop, no matter what color they decide they are.

For the ladies with the short and sassy cuts try a dark brown or black charcoal with silver highlights to spring into action. This style isn’t for the weak at heart, but, for those brave enough to sport it. It’s all in the way your feel.

For the fashionista’s out there, we love to see this look mixed with a rainbow of color options. Greens, turquoise, and even purple is a stunning look that matches every stitch of your wardrobe. Ask your stylist for pictures and examples to get an idea of how this color combination screams for your head!

If you remember, Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte had this super-hot look while in Brazil. While we won’t get into Lochte’s misbehavior, we will tell you that men make this color look debonair and distinguished. Celebrities and superstars are making this color a remarkable choice for anyone wanting to walk on the edge.

They may call it “granny hair” but what it truly is, is special. Color with shine takes the platinum blonde to a whole new level with the many different varieties to wear this color. It depends on you and whether you want to lean more toward light and white or dark and bluesy. The other part of having gray hair is that it looks fab on short or long. It’s your doo!

Want to get extra spunky? Mix in lilac, cherry and blue for a unique blend. This creation is magnificent and oh-so-classy.

Whether you go with a light or dark version of this stunning color, you’ll be more than the life of the party; you’ll be unforgettable.

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Six Sinful Hair Colors for Fall 2016 – Salon Sora Style

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gallery-img6Fall can be one of the most exciting times of the year. For many of you who took time off or were on vacation for the summer, it’s enlightening to see the beachy hairstyles being blown out with the warm breeze. Now that we’ve stepped into fall you may be ready for a fresh new look to help transition from the sun-kissed hair to the hair that hugs with a warm, inviting embrace. This blog we uncover some of the sultry looks that come straight from Boca’s favorite hairstylists at Salon Sora.

If you think of cherries and pumpkin in autumn, you’re on the right track. Rather than sporting the bleached blonde hair try to a transition to a variety of highlights and lowlights gleaming with baby blondes. Or go with gorgeous, deep cherry and autumn leaves as a revitalized look. An absolute must try for almost any skin tone.

Peaches for free! If you love the strawberry blonde tones and hues, then you will die for this peach look that’s sweeping the nation. Of course, this looks great on people with pale skin, that works pretty well with a tan, making it a super-color for Boca Raton and South Floridians.

It seems that the Millennials have taken gray to a whole new level. Some of the most gorgeous black and white tones sported by even some very young ages. These smoky colors go from charcoal to light gray highlights giving this look one that’s ultra-chic. Silver hues are turning heads no matter what the age. We just love this new look; that’s ready to pop!

Hair strobing is something you may want to try while we’re falling back. These colors are a supernatural effect that is carefully thought out by your hairdresser and you. The highlighting technique is strategically placed by mapping the shape of the face, the skin tone and the best placement of where the highlight should go. Incredibly beautiful results that look all-natural.

Of course, the sirens will go off with the warm autumn reds that are out right now. Be cautious with reds because they fade the quickest. It’s best to consult your salon professional for the best shade of red for you. That is if you want the love of your life crawling back for more!

Don’t forget for our Latina’s out there with those extremely dark hair colors to add some neon to them. The trick here is to put in a few streaks of electric blue or bubble-gum pink to show off that sexy and fun side. You’ll love the compliments and attention without a doubt.

These are just a few of the trends that we see around town and what people are requesting. As usual, it’s best to consult your stylist for more ideas.

Contact our receptionist today for an appointment.

Get Rid of Short Hair “Blahs” With Hair Extensions at the “Best Salon in Boca Raton”

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When you live in a place like Boca Raton, you know that many women love to show off their style with long, beautiful locks of hair. But, if you’re growing your hair out, you’re probably going to get to the “anxious phase” needing a new hair style, without waiting 2-3 years. Where can you find the answer to the short hair ‘blahs’?  You can find the answer, in this blog as we cover what you need to know to fall in love with hair extensions.

First, you’ll need to grow your hair at least 3-4 inches before most extensions can be used. If your hair is shorter than this, it might not work. Speak to a hair consultant before spending your savings on fake hair. Next, you’ll want to determine, budget, time and style.

hair extensions boca ratonBudget can vary depending on the type of hair extensions and the method for applying them. This of course is if we use 100% natural human hair versus synthetic.  Wefts of hair can be found visiting your local beauty supply chain, such as Sally’s. Make sure you check with your extension professional who will be helping with the selection. A professional can suggest the best place to find extensions in your hair color and texture. In some cases, the extensions will need to be dyed to match your natural hair.

Extensions vary in price depending on the method used to apply them. If they are semi-permanent versus clip-ons, they will most likely run, you more. A set of natural extensions with clips will generally run around $80 for the extensions themselves. If they need cutting or adjusting, then there will be additional fees if you have a hair salon professionally customize your extensions.

Extensions where the hair is glued lasts quite a while. A hair salon professional should be the person to remove your extensions if they’ve been glued to your scalp. You’ll want to avoid any damage been done to your real hair.

If you’ve chosen to go with the method where the extensions are sewn or weaved into your natural hair, you’ll find this to be the most cost effective. These types of length extensions last the longest and are considered semi-permanent.

Time is of the essence, no matter what route you decide on. Clip extensions will be the fastest to adjust and apply. Glued extensions will take hours of application. Sewn in versions is also a long process where the stylist braids or weave the wefts into your hair.

It can take up to 6 hours longer to put on a full set of extensions, so be sure to schedule your day accordingly. The stylist will also want to make sure they are applying to even rows to prevent tangling and knotting.

Once you have determined how much you want to invest, and have allotted time involved, speak to your stylist about the style. Are you interested in creating more volume? Do you need length? Or do you want a combination of both? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you’ll be able to live with.

Hair extensions are something that takes some getting used to. When our hair grows at its own pace, we hardly notice the transformation. Just picture how someone changes when you go between long periods before seeing them again. Having instantly long locks isn’t always greatly received during the onset of adding them.

In conclusion, once you’ve given hair extensions a try, we suggest trying the clips first to see if you like the look, then consulting with your hair stylist to learn what will work best for you and your lifestyle, this

2016 Summer Hairstyles for the #Working Woman

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With summer quickly approaching and the temperatures rapidly rising in South Florida, you may be finding yourself wearing the age old traditional ponytail. While there is nothing wrong with the hair pulled back the sizzling styles for this summer may get you out of the humdrum and into an eye-popping hairstyle revolution. Although the lilac- gray pixie colors may be rousing for an art director, this look may not be the perfect fit for those working in corporate America. Here are some provocative hairstyles for the working woman suitable for even the most conservative offices.

Professional haircuts, hair in Boca Raton, Hair Salon Boca Raton, Professional HairTo Lob or to Bob? That seems to be the intoxicating hairstyle stirring fashion magazines around the country. Browse through Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazine and you’ll find celebrities from Rihanna to Taylor Swift with these heart-stirring locks. Whether you either the lob or the bob this classic haircut is an excellent worn Beachy style or straight. This cut is an excellent choice for women working and entrepreneurs as it’s simple to care for, while remaining conventional. Depending on the way you style, it’s just right for the office or a fun night out on the town. One thing to note here, is this mindful cut is ideal for the weather of Boca Raton.

Despite the weather, if you are someone who works in an environment where you need to be more tactful, stay away from color such as the pinks, blues and greens, etc. While these new were shades are fun they may not be strategic in your career. Of course, this depends greatly on your work environment.

Next super cut to consider for executives would be the super short pixie. There are many variations with this type of style. Depending on your personality and your lifestyle, there is a pixie that’s just right for you. Some modifications to this shorter cut include shaved sides, and even textures, long layers in the front with super short to shaved in the back. Speak to your stylist and show pictures of the cuts you like.  By giving examples of the shorter hair your salon professional will be able to consult you prior to going shorter. Remember, once you cut it takes a while to grow your hair, so this is semi-permanent. These short haircuts look fantastic for women wearing business suits, dresses and pants. On a side note, shorter hair means earrings and makeup. The best solution for living in our area, is to have hair that’s easy to manage requires limited product and makes you stay cool in the heat.

The long shag is coming back, after its truancy which also makes an ideal style for those ‘9 to 5ers’. Whether your sporting a side bang, wispy bang or longer bang this is an ultra-sexy cut that can be worn in a number of ways. One hot trend for this type of style is to air dry with no product. Finding the perfect length for this long shag will be a matter of preference for those women who can’t get away from you, their extensions this cut will keep your ability to wear your hair either way.

Long layers are the solution for this summer and those ladies crushing their career while keeping their long trusses. This look is also spectacular with a shorter bang. If you are looking to tone it down, consider pulling your hair back and wearing an ornamental headband. Celebrities such as Cheryl Tiegs and Jennifer Lawrence have all established this sultry look.

No matter if you go for a lob cut or want keep your hair longer we can help that’s just right for you.

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Best Summer Hair Colors for Boca Raton

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Best Summer Hair Colors for Boca Raton

When living in the coastal town like Boca Raton, we’re often times faced with trying to find a hair color that matches our summer skin tones. Whether you’re an avid tanner, or you walk first thing in the morning it doesn’t take long for the sun to take its toll and changing your facial features. There are many hair trends with combinations of anything from wild colors in natural hues. It can be overwhelming trying to find just the right shade that’s ideal for you and your lifestyle. This blog will help you to have a deeper discussion with your colorist once you are on the quest of picking just the right shade.

Summer of 2015 the color trends were leaning towards Ombre styles. This method of coloring the hair with either lighter or darker ends keeping the roots the opposite shade is still popular. However, there are varying styles including watermelon hair to mermaid hair.  These newer shades are gorgeous across the board as you have a full spectrum of variations. Opal and Pinks look hot for people with pale skin tones or fair, but with a tan these could make you look like ‘Rainbow Brite’ which may wash you out. Prior to selecting one of these pastels, consult with your hairdresser in selecting the right shade. Often times these shades require extra maintenance and can be a lot of upkeep. Take into consideration if these are the right choices for you, especially if you work in a conservative field.

Another chic look is that of Balayage where color is applied freehand rather than using traditional foil or having strands pulled through a cap. This look tends to be very natural and is relatively low maintenance. No matter what is the length of your hair Balayage is ideal and looks stunning on almost anyone.

Strawberry blonde’s and redheads are making a comeback, since Christina Aguilera traded in her platinum for a fiery red. Consider blending both strawberry blonde with darker shades of copper and brown for a more natural look.

Silver and gold seem to be taking the place of the platinum blonde’s everywhere. There are a variety of applications with these two hues in this color variation looks incredible against tan skin. If you are a natural blonde, consider having lavender and gray streaks assembled through your hair for a state-of-the-art appearance.

For Asian and Latina women the Silver Fox is sweeping the nation. If you are considering this style keep in mind this is going to be a bit longer process. This is also more attractive to women with longer locks, as the shorter hairstyles resemble hair that’s aged and that’s not the look we’re going for.

Blue and Aberdeen create a fun and party look that tends to be sought after by younger women. Darker haired tones, such as black and brunette tend to pull this style off the best.

Metallic shades such as white platinum are a newer version of blonde where there are darker shades on top that blend into an ash blonde at the bottom. This is a gorgeous combination and looks beautiful pulled back into a pony or long and flowing with curls.

Whether you’re trying a new color for the first time or you want to update the one you have, ask the stylists for their expert advice. Summertime is the best time for changing your color and we’re here to help.

We are the ‘Best Salon’ in Boca Raton!

Hairstyles Made for Festive Celebrations

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South Florida Hairstyles Made for Festive Celebrations

With the holidays upon here in Florida, we’re starting see more and more clients about the gala’s, parties, and festive celebrations.  The hairstyles that are popular this season have a classy and elegant flavor.  Think of hair from the 1920’s with side sweeps, finger waves, big bouncy, fluffy curls and, of course, sexy braids.  

Gwen Stefani is innovative with her long bleached locks.  Using your giant hair rollers, you can achieve her sultry doo.  This looks great on longer hair and doesn’t forget to spray with a lightweight hair fixative.

Side dos are extremely popular and give a feminine look to any hairstyle.  Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez looks in vogue with her hair swept to the side and then pinned in place.  The holidays are a chance to dress up with lots of hair jewelry.  Rhinestones and hair appliques are perfect for this time of year.

What about getting braided hair in Boca Raton?

Braids never seem to go out of style.  Messy fishtail bobs look natural and are perfect for the humid weather that we Floridians are used to.  You can see a beautiful a braid thrown into an updo as a gorgeous way to show off glamorous style.

A comfy bun worn on the top of your head is classy.  You’ll feel like a ballerina wearing this glam look.  Don’t forget to use pretty bobby pins to dress it up even more.  Any age can sport the Top Knot look for the season. 

We’re seeing a lot of full ponytails with curls and teased to give your gorgeous mane flair. Pair your big pony up with a thick piece of ribbon tied into a bow.  This adds more frills and fanciful fro-frou. 

Then we have the deep side part.  If your hair is medium to long, try this new look.  It not only is a more embellished style it will give your hair a fuller coiffed appearance. 

Any of these lavish looks will turn heads, especially with a fresh new color. Try a new shade of red or add some highlights or lowlights to give these styles added thrills. 

Salon Sora in Boca Raton can make your hair look amazing for your celebration.

  • Holiday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Quinceañera
  • Bat Mitzvah
  • or any festive celebration where you want to look beautiful





Ombre Hair Color in Boca Raton

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Ombre Styling Boca Raton

Welcome back to Boca snowbirds!!

If you are looking for a great look for your hair while spending your winter in South Florida, Salon Sora can make you look fabulous. It seems the rage with hair color is Ombre these days.  Every stylist’s blog is using this term.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the Ombre styles here’s our description.  This is where the roots of your hair are darker and natural shades while the bottoms are and highlighted at the ends.  You’re probably seeing this ultra-hot look throughout South Florida, especially Boca Raton. 

If you are bold and expressive, you’re going to love this look.  Try tinting the ends to pastel pinks or blues to give a wild and fun splash to your do.  This looks spectacular on platinum blonde hair.  Grays and purples are bohemian rhapsodies with tanned skin.  Dark brown to light Carmel is a gorgeous alternative for brunettes.  Or if you’re a little more daring try bronze tips.  This is a  dramatic look that can extra class to even the most subdued browns. 

With contrasted colors, the ends can be a variety of anything from blond to reds to blacks leaving the roots soft and untouched.  Think of multi-colors that don’t blend, each making its statement.

Ombre Hair Color Boca Raton

Ombre Hair Color

Fiery reds look simply dashing with coppers, strawberry, and blondes dabbled together.  The darkest red needs to stay on the top and then cascades to the lighter bottoms of the tips.  Chocolate and Cherry will blow everyone away.  The point is not to be subtle. 

You’ll turn heads with an Ombre look of Mahogany fading with violet or red to spice up any night on the town in Boca Raton.   This is a great look for Latina’s and People with Dark Complexions. 

Platinum blondes dramatically change their locks by adding deep reds to the ends.  It’s a retro style that can give any angel a little bit of an edge.  The next time you’re ready for a quick change ask your stylist to show you samples of reds that would spruce up your white locks.

Even short hair gets a quick boost with the contrast of the darker roots with highlighted ends.  The change of colors gives the illusion of fuller hair. 

Ombre Styles are the latest trend, but it appears this look will be here to stay for a while.  Speak to your stylist who can offer more advice for skin tones and colors. 

Stop by or call our Hair Salon in Boca Raton and let us make you look your best!!

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