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50 Shades of Cindy Crawford

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CindycrawfordCindy Crawford just celebrated her 50th birthday in St. Barth’s recently.  The once Malibu resident has seen her share of the Florida sunshine and has certainly never wore it better.  She’s always been a woman that helped set the standard for ‘smoking hot’ and now turning half a century she continues to wow us.  She’s helped to pave the way for the less than blonde look making it a stunning event to be a brunette.  Here’s a timeline for Cindy and her luscious locks that make this former model from the model that grew up in DeKalb, Illinois.

Crawford made her debut as a model during the 80’s and also walked the runway for Chanel, Calvin Klein and DYNY.  You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing this midwestern beauty on the cover of nearly every magazine. Incredibly enough most people remember the long legs of this supermodel than when she emerged in front of a Pepsi machine at an advertisement during the halftime show in the Super bowl.

The half owner of Rooms to Go can be found in some glamorous pictures back in the beginning of her career in 1980 when you can find her on the cover of Vogue Magazine in several editions.  The gorgeous model looks amazing when she’s got wet hair and if you remember she was often seen with big fluffy curls, long, long, long layers and often baby highlights to her dark brown strands.

Primarily, you see her wearing a part down the middle and she is fortunate to have the forehead to do it with grace, but you can find her in both straightened looks as well as super messy raaarrrrr! I think one of her best looks was when she cut her hair to donate to charity for cancer patients.  Cindy went with a Lob and it looked spectacular on her.  Her color helped the hair look full and thick with different shades of copper, blonde and chocolate mousse framing her long face.

Cindy tends to look best with a dark, smoky eye and natural color on the lips. But who can forget those eyebrows?  She definitely goes for a dark, full and controlled look when it comes to her brows. Her eye makeup tends to draw you in with this alluring look. Perfect for a transition of dark to light hair color. She certainly eats the right foods and takes care of her figure.  At age 50 she was seen in a skimpy bikini and looking incredible.  No fear, turning old here!  She is a timeless beauty no doubt.  The tabloids report that she drinks a lot of green tea for stomach issues.  We also heard she loves Tequila.

She claims to eat a lot of poultry, salads, sushi and pasta with turkey meatballs as a diet, but she’s also feeding her family of two kids Kaia and Presley so eating alfalfa sprouts is probably not in question.

We know one thing is for sure at age 50 she’s still a rocking hot lady and we hope to see more of her trying new hairstyles and keeping the rest of us anticipating if she’ll ever age.

If you’re thinking about trying a new look like Cindy did with her ‘Lob’ cut, we can help you find the right style for you.  Don’t forget every Monday you get 50% off on a Haircut & Blow-dry at Boca’s best salon.

3 Facial Secrets You Never Knew

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While daily cleansing of the skin can seem like you’re properly caring for your skin, it can also be damaging.  Skin care products that have a lot of alcohol in them can be drying and cause the epidermis (outermost layer) of the skin to lose important nutrients that protect the skin.  This is one of the many reasons that you should have regular facials done.  Here are a few more secrets you may not have known about facials and wellness of your skin.

   Facials Rid the Skin of Impurities

   They promote the production of Collagen

   Your Skin Care Products Will Give You Better Results

facial salon boca ratonFacials are not only a great way to treat yourself by pampering but they’re also necessary.  By getting a regular facial each week or every other week, you’re ridding your skin’s surface of any impurities. No matter how often you wash your skin, the environment has its way of causing nuisances like black heads, acne and wrinkles.  During the facial you can expect that there will be a deep cleaning that dives way down into the pores and eliminates all the dirt and debris that your skin has become used to.  Even things like second hand smoke from cigarettes can become clogged in your face, giving you a gray and dingy appearance.  You’ll notice after having routine maintenance that your skin will appear brighter and with a dewy appearance.

As we age, our skin’s collagen, producing elements slows down.  When the skin stops producing collagen, it becomes prone to wrinkles and discoloration.  Our esthetician will examine your skin type and any issues that you’re experiencing and will recommend which products to use for boosting and recharging your skin’s collagen. By doing this often you’ll notice less and less wrinkles and fine lines.  You’ll also see the skin’s surface looking fresh and moisturized more often.

When it comes to your skin care products you are most likely the same as the rest of us.  You spend a lot of good money on what’s in those jars, tubes and containers taking up space in your bathroom.  If you do spend a lot of money, then you’ll want those products to work miracles.  Well the truth is they can’t if you’re not prepping the skin first.   You can get more out of your skincare products by getting services like Microdermabrasion to exfoliate and deeply clean the top layers of your gorgeous face.  What you’re going to notice is that you’ll spend less money on your face creams, because you won’t need to be slathering these on all the time. Think of facials and microderm as a way of priming the skin’s surface so that your lotion can sink into the places it belongs and not be left as an added layer of pollutants and left-over residue from your night serums, suntan lotions and whatever else may be lurking in your pores.

By making facials a part of your regularly improved routine for skin care, maintenance you’ll notice a significant improvement, and guess what? You won’t be the only one who will notice.

To book your facial with one of our certified estheticians please contact the salon.

South Florida Weather Can Be Hard on Your Hair

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Braided Solutions for South Florida Weather

It seems that braided hairstyles never go out. Just look around South Florida you’ll see a lot of the braided look. 

 Finding a braid that looks great isn’t difficult when there are so many different ways to wear your hair in a braid.  Even people with shorter hair can add a braid or two to dress up their current look. Braided styles are great for Southern Florida.  Days when the weather is full of heat, wind or humidity try one of these braids to keep you looking smoking hot.

The fishtail braid is a classic and elegant style that has a little bit of an edge. Fishtail braids work best for longer hair.  You can wear this braid straight down the back of the head or to the side.  If Boca Raton Hair Braidingyou’d like to change it up a bit, do a Bubble Fishtail. This newer braid is where you section the braid in three parts by securing with a hair tie. Then pulling the braid apart creating a newer way to wear the fishtail.

The French braid is another beautiful and sexy look.  You’ll need to have medium to longer hair to wear a French braid.  If your hair is at shoulder length, it should work.  You can wear one braid or two.  To get a tighter braid, style the hair while it’s wet or use a water bottle to dampen the hair before you start. Cross over the section first then add hair from the top of the head next to the part. Then alternate with the opposite side of the braid.  Keep your hand close to your head when your braiding and pull the hair tightly.  This is one of the prettiest looks no matter what your age.

The milkmaid braid has a demure and mature appearance.  You start by braiding pigtails then using a bobby pin and securing the braided pigtail to the top of the head, creating a crown.  To give a sultrier style, pull the hair loose once while braiding and before securing to the top of the head.

Whether you select the edgy fishtail or the classic French braid, you can be a part of this timeless trend no matter what the weather in South Florida may bring. 

In Boca Raton and need a hot new hair style? Call our salon in Boca Raton

Speak to one of our stylists at Salon Sora to try an up-doo or one of these terrific hair designs.

Five Past Celebrity Styles that are Hot Today

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Five Past Celebrity Styles that are as Hot As Boca Raton

When you think of timeless allure of women like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis and Lana Turner you think of classic hairstyles.  Many of those elegant looks are still popular today. Whether you want a new look or your refreshing the one, you already have. We’ve put a few of our favorite looks in this post for you to try. 

Pin curls:  Section your head into several pieces. Then roll your hair from the ends, and then take two bobby pins and crisscross into place. Alternate the sections by pinning forward or pinning backward.  Let the hair air dry.  Once the hair is dry remove the pins, you can brush or just use your fingers and put the curls into place.  Spray the hair with a lightweight hairspray. You are now ready to turn a few heads.

Bangs:  Betty Page rocked her style with a big chunky bang that framed her face and gave her an exotic look.  Bangs are still the craze today.  Whether you do a side bang, a fringe bang or a full thick bang, you’ll have a beautiful new doo.  Bangs are often a way to refresh a stagnated look.  Not all bangs are right for all people so be sure to ask your stylist what the best style would be for your face and hair type.

Marlin Monroe hair

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

Classic Waves: Build body and give that in gorgeous Vogue hairdressing with classic waves.  You can achieve this look by using a large barreled curling iron then pinning the hot curls loosely to the head.  Let the hair cool after lightly spraying with your favorite product. Take the pins out and then use a comb to put the hair into place.  Dreamy scrumptious and ultra-classic.

Side Swept: Whether you curl your hair or wear it naturally the side sweep is elegant and makes a statement.  To get this look, Brush all the hair over the left shoulder. Slide a hair pin into the hair angled upwards toward the ear. Take a section of hair in front of the left ear and twist it towards the back. Pin it in place so it hides the first hairpin.

Braided buns: The braid is a fabulous and sexy way to way your locks.  Try pulling your hair on the top of your head and use a hair tie to keep it together.  Braid your ponytail and wrap around in a circle.  Secure with bobby pins and a little bit of spray.  This style is terrific to wear to your office or out on the town.

These vintage looks continue to perform for centuries.  We can thank many of our celebs from the past to present for keeping these coiffures at the forefront of classic and gorgeous style.

In Boca Raton and need a hot new hair style? Call our salon in Boca Raton

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Hairstyles Made for Festive Celebrations

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South Florida Hairstyles Made for Festive Celebrations

With the holidays upon here in Florida, we’re starting see more and more clients about the gala’s, parties, and festive celebrations.  The hairstyles that are popular this season have a classy and elegant flavor.  Think of hair from the 1920’s with side sweeps, finger waves, big bouncy, fluffy curls and, of course, sexy braids.  

Gwen Stefani is innovative with her long bleached locks.  Using your giant hair rollers, you can achieve her sultry doo.  This looks great on longer hair and doesn’t forget to spray with a lightweight hair fixative.

Side dos are extremely popular and give a feminine look to any hairstyle.  Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez looks in vogue with her hair swept to the side and then pinned in place.  The holidays are a chance to dress up with lots of hair jewelry.  Rhinestones and hair appliques are perfect for this time of year.

What about getting braided hair in Boca Raton?

Braids never seem to go out of style.  Messy fishtail bobs look natural and are perfect for the humid weather that we Floridians are used to.  You can see a beautiful a braid thrown into an updo as a gorgeous way to show off glamorous style.

A comfy bun worn on the top of your head is classy.  You’ll feel like a ballerina wearing this glam look.  Don’t forget to use pretty bobby pins to dress it up even more.  Any age can sport the Top Knot look for the season. 

We’re seeing a lot of full ponytails with curls and teased to give your gorgeous mane flair. Pair your big pony up with a thick piece of ribbon tied into a bow.  This adds more frills and fanciful fro-frou. 

Then we have the deep side part.  If your hair is medium to long, try this new look.  It not only is a more embellished style it will give your hair a fuller coiffed appearance. 

Any of these lavish looks will turn heads, especially with a fresh new color. Try a new shade of red or add some highlights or lowlights to give these styles added thrills. 

Salon Sora in Boca Raton can make your hair look amazing for your celebration.

  • Holiday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Quinceañera
  • Bat Mitzvah
  • or any festive celebration where you want to look beautiful





Ombre Hair Color in Boca Raton

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Ombre Styling Boca Raton

Welcome back to Boca snowbirds!!

If you are looking for a great look for your hair while spending your winter in South Florida, Salon Sora can make you look fabulous. It seems the rage with hair color is Ombre these days.  Every stylist’s blog is using this term.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the Ombre styles here’s our description.  This is where the roots of your hair are darker and natural shades while the bottoms are and highlighted at the ends.  You’re probably seeing this ultra-hot look throughout South Florida, especially Boca Raton. 

If you are bold and expressive, you’re going to love this look.  Try tinting the ends to pastel pinks or blues to give a wild and fun splash to your do.  This looks spectacular on platinum blonde hair.  Grays and purples are bohemian rhapsodies with tanned skin.  Dark brown to light Carmel is a gorgeous alternative for brunettes.  Or if you’re a little more daring try bronze tips.  This is a  dramatic look that can extra class to even the most subdued browns. 

With contrasted colors, the ends can be a variety of anything from blond to reds to blacks leaving the roots soft and untouched.  Think of multi-colors that don’t blend, each making its statement.

Ombre Hair Color Boca Raton

Ombre Hair Color

Fiery reds look simply dashing with coppers, strawberry, and blondes dabbled together.  The darkest red needs to stay on the top and then cascades to the lighter bottoms of the tips.  Chocolate and Cherry will blow everyone away.  The point is not to be subtle. 

You’ll turn heads with an Ombre look of Mahogany fading with violet or red to spice up any night on the town in Boca Raton.   This is a great look for Latina’s and People with Dark Complexions. 

Platinum blondes dramatically change their locks by adding deep reds to the ends.  It’s a retro style that can give any angel a little bit of an edge.  The next time you’re ready for a quick change ask your stylist to show you samples of reds that would spruce up your white locks.

Even short hair gets a quick boost with the contrast of the darker roots with highlighted ends.  The change of colors gives the illusion of fuller hair. 

Ombre Styles are the latest trend, but it appears this look will be here to stay for a while.  Speak to your stylist who can offer more advice for skin tones and colors. 

Stop by or call our Hair Salon in Boca Raton and let us make you look your best!!

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The Ultimate Guide to Sexy Haircuts

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Guide to Sexy Haircuts

No matter what your age, you’re still human and you want to be considered sexy.  We all do.  Like fine wine, we want to get better with age. One of the things that makes us feel sexy is our hair. I would guess to say that many of my colleagues and friends would attest that their hair can make or break their day.  If you’re thinking about a super ultra-sexy haircut, then this is the ultimate guide for you. boca hair salon

Fall 2015 is kicking off the hottest looks for hair styles.  Short Pixies and Medium Bobs are the craze happening across the nation.  They are timeless styles and can easily be worn by women of all ages.  The face shapes for Pixie Cuts varies.  Let’s take a peek at what face shapes go well with this cut.

Short textured Pixie Cuts are cute on heart shaped, round and long shaped faces.  But, use caution with the front and the bangs.  The longer the face the higher the bangs or front of the cut can go.  Round shaped faces tend to look better with a longer bang, preferably over the eyebrow. Heart shaped faces are beautifully framed with a fringe look.  Short cuts are easy to manage and care for and require little to no maintenance. With the right outfit, earrings and makeup you’ll be super model material with this smoking hot look!

Go Sexy or Go….To Salon Sora!

Ask a man to pick what type of girl he likes and he’s more than likely going to point to the “hottie” with the super sexy hair.  Medium to long cuts can make you look delicious with layers, layers, layers!  Keep it messy with a minimum of product, and make sure that you keep it healthy.  The uneven textured bob is taking off by leaps and bounds.  Women of varying age are making this cut one of the year’s most flirtatious styles.
There is nothing more seductive than a woman with that sensuous come –hither stare.  Nothing except the look of long, flowing locks dripping down a woman’s shoulders.  Long layers can spice boca hair styling salonup your life when you remember to choose the right layered look for you.  Too many layers could mean unruly looking tresses, and not enough layers can allow for cowlicks to be unmanageable and more prominent. Your stylist will be able to guide you.

Straight or curly, long hair is a gorgeous feature on most women. Many women opt to do a slight bang with shorter layers on the top and longer layers on the bottom.  This gives your hair fullness.  Women with thinner hair can benefit from bangs giving a poutier look.

Many of the men I’ve talked to have explained to me that they just love it when a woman isn’t overdone but has long sexy, soft and beautiful hair. I once heard a man telling a woman “There’s nothing sexier than a woman with her hair pulled back in a ponytail.”  Long hair lends itself to a ton of options and can look great on almost any woman.  Just keep in mind that it’s more attractive on women with long necks and can cause some people to look heavier.  Ask your stylist to give you guidance here, too.

It’s All about The Attitude!

Long hair, short hair, no matter the style, by keeping the “I’m beautiful inside and out” attitude, you’ll knock em’ dead all day and night!   Because there’s nothing sexier than a positive attitude.



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Sexy Fashionable Boca Cuts for Fall

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Smart, Sexy Fashionable Boca Cuts for Fall

The climate in Southern Florida can be tough on your hair.  Weather is brutal on precious locks. Living in the Sunshine State means your hair fights everything from UV rays to intense humidity to unforgiving wind. A good cut is necessary to tame your lovely strands and keep you looking your best no matter what the weather is doing.  Many of the hair magazines give chic ideas promising coiffed looks, but they aren’t all meant for the same climate.  Here are some smart, sexy cuts great for living the life in Boca Raton, Florida.

Could Short Hair Styles be a Solution to The Florida Climate? Maybe…

Since you live in a climate that at times is less desirable for your doo, consider selecting a cut that has little to no maintenance with very minimal product needed.

short hair style boca raton

The textured pixie is one younger women are rocking out these days. With the wispy layers and just the right amount of pomade the wind will help keep your locks looking edgy.  This is a perfect cut for short beachy hair, even during the fall. Plan on visiting your hairdresser every 4-6 weeks to keep this out-of-control look under control.  With that reckless style you’re sure to get noticed, even if it’s just during a quick visit to

For Medium Hairstyles

For medium hairstyles, the trend is fun, sassy, fierce bobs.  These flatter the face while still keeping a sexy attitude because of the unruly messy look. The layers assist in keeping your curls in place after walking from your car to the office making this an ideal solution to our windy weather.  This is one dynamite haircut that will turn heads no matter what your age. Women like Cameron Diaz are sporting the shaggy bob creating volume to baby fine hair.  Extremely easy to style, this cut is a cinch to grow out. You’ll never experience ugly growth periods here.

For Longer Hairstyles

hair bocaLonger hair continues to lean on making a statement for youth. However, women of all ages keep their longer hair. Regardless of age, make sure that the cut you are considering doesn’t bury your
face.  A longer cut can offer diversity pulling it back into a pony or wearing it full and ultra fierce off the face.  Styling doesn’t have to be high maintenance.  Keeping your long locks in top health by eating a good diet of vegetables and healthy fats is helpful.  If you notice the color is dull, perhaps a gloss treatment can be the answer.



Fall is a good time of year to get glossed.  Summer is over, our tans are fading, and sometimes we want a fresh look.  Hair that has been colored may benefit from the additional sheen a hair gloss treatment provides.  You’ll be adding extra radiant shine while conditioning and protecting the hair.

Besides protection, hair that is blowing around on a windy day can often times be cumbersome. Bangs are a solution that helps to frame the face,  keeping long locks from whipping you in the eyes.  This years fashion is ultra chic bangs cut just below the eyebrows. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the look of your forehead, then this alternative hair style may be your greatest ally.

Other than your tresses, there are many things to factor in when selecting a haircut. The shape of your face, your age, and your lifestyle can all be decision makers when changing your look.  Consulting in a stylist can really help you find the right style.


Come In to Salon Sora

Come into Salon Sora today or schedule an appointment and have one of qualified hair technicians discuss the perfect cut and style that’s just right for you…


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Hair Care Tips for Cooler Weather

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Hot Hair Care Tips for Cooler Weather

Cooler weather means change even when living in Florida, where Boca Raton’s idea of a cold day is nothing compared to the rest of the country. With less heat and humidity, there’s no better time than now to experiment with some new looks for your hair. Here are some ideas for a Florida Winter full of great hair days.

Tip One:   If your hair is long enough, pull it back in a ponytail.  This classic look continues to be one of our biggest hair solutions in the Southern Florida region even on cool days.  Select hair ties that match the natural color of your hair, wrap a strand around the hair tie, then secure with a bobby pin.  This look is elegant and timeless for both the office and the club no matter what the weather.

hair salon boca - salon sora

Stay Looking Cool Throughout Winter…

Tip Two: We get to have messy hair in Florida.  Beachy, sassy looks are always in style.  When you’re looking for a quick change grab some product and try this ultra-chic elegant style.  Use ahair salons boca raton

little drop of gel or pomade to give your hair a little bit of weight.  During our windy winter days this look will keep your hair looking put together.

Tip Three: Eating a healthy diet during the winter can be challenging because of the holidays. By selecting the right foods your hair will continue to be radiant and shiny.  Try selecting a diet that is full of healthy fats such as avocados and fresh fish.  Living in one of the best places for fresh produce and seafood will help you stay fit and keep the locks on your head youthful.

Tip Four: Fall is the start of the winter season and if you haven’t done it before, trying a new style this time of year can change your perspective on what’s left of the year. Adding bangs to your current look is the perfect answer to trying something new without making a big commitment.  Long bangs or wispy bangs swept to the side are an attractive alternative to humdrum hair for this season.

Tip Five: Developing a healthy regimen for your hair is necessary during the winter months.  We tend to be busier with our work and home schedule. Unless you have a full-time job teaching aerobics you don’t have to wash your hair every day. If you do, make sure you select a shampoo and conditioner that is lightweight and can be used daily. Otherwise once every 3 days is sufficient.  Swap out your favorite shampoo and conditioner once a month, so your hair doesn’t get bored with the product. Like everything else, hair gets used to the products that we use.  Changing it up will put your hair in check allowing for those luscious locks to reinvent themselves.

Tip Six:  Mix it up by using cute, sexy headbands.  Headbands are almost a necessity when living in humid and extra blustery areas, but they can come in handy in the winter, too.  Many women here keep a headband with them at all times.  This is a classic look that is timeless. It’s like they’re never really in and they’re never really out, and they’re super cute, whether your hair is long or short.

Tip Seven: Less humidity usually means having the luxury of curling your hair without it looking frizzy or going flat. This is a great time for a little “curl power”!

Cooler weather is often times a blessing when living in Boca.  Take advantage of these tips, or a new style, whether it’s something simple or more surprising.  Your stylist can be your best friend when it comes to ideas and suggestions for your hair type.

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Look Chic For The Holidays

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Look Chic ALL Holiday Season Long

Tis The Season to look Fabulous! Fa-la-la-la-laaaa…la-la-la-la

With the countdown starting…and just days away to the Holiday “madness”, there’s no time like the “Present”  (get it) to start thinking about your “hair style” and how to look super fab all season long then right NOW!

boca hair salon_Holiday season chic

Holidays are truly an amazing time. And although meant for family and friends who will inevitably love you know matter how you look…there’s always that unexpected Holiday “Partay” that you just didn’t have on your radar. Now you’ve got a total of 6 seconds to decide what to wear, what shoes to go with what you’re wearing and how to style the “Do” to bring it all together….

Quick Hair Style Tips To Look Chic All Season Long

Towards the end of the year, hair color can start to look a little blah, blah, blah. Whether your hair is a  natural color that has lost its summertime luster, or treated colored tresses that haven’t made it to the salon in a while, winter is the perfect time to get your hair holiday-party ready!

  • Keep your hair conditioned by using a weekly mask
  • Turn down the HEAT…Avoid hot tools when possible to maintain a vibrant color
  • Try using a color enhancing protectant to maintain and increase shine
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for color-treated hair to keep your hair vibrant between salon visits.
  • Every six to eight weeks, get a haircut. It doesn’t need to be drastic, but be consistent. A bi-monthly, slight trim helps keep ends from splitting and tearing up the hair shaft, which in turn, helps hair remain healthy and strong.

Holidays can take their toll on your hair, but you can lift your looks in minutes with these strategies and techniques. Until next time, have a happy healthy hair day and enjoy the Holidays!